Family, Matrimonial & Relationship

Issues arising within a family can give rise to some of the most complicated disputes. For example, the breakdown of a relationship can be one of the most traumatic periods of anyone's life.

Where disputes arise within a family there can be many matters that give cause for concern including in relation to financial issues and arrangements for children.

Our Family Team advises and represents clients in all types of family matters including:

We are used to advising clients in difficult emotional situations. We aim to provide sympathetic personal advice tailored to your individual circumstances and requirements. We offer prompt and practical advice on how to cope with problems and resolve them.

Solving Family Law issues often involves many other aspects of the Law. Our Family Team can call on the expertise of other departments within the firm whenever necessary to advise, for example, on property issues or changing your Will.

Our Family Team has considerable experience in advising and representing clients from all backgrounds with all types of difficulties and disputes.

At your first meeting with us, we expect to listen and advise in general terms only. Our aim will be to find the best solution for you and the most reasonable one.

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