Children Law

Issues relating to children present families with some of the most stressful situations of all, forcing decisions to be taken about how children should be cared for in the future and what the arrangements should be for them to ensure that their best interests are being met. 

We advise families on problems they may have arising from a dispute about arrangements for a child, relationship breakdown, substance and alcohol issues, difficult home lives, mental health issues, domestic abuse issues, issues with the local authority and any other matters that may impact upon what the arrangements for their child should be.  

Our family law solicitor is known for her expertise in representing children, parents, grandparents, foster parents and other potential carers who face questions about their ability to care for a child or in a dispute as to what the best arrangements for the child are.  

We work carefully and sensitively through complex issues about what the arrangements for a child should be, including with whom they should live and what time they should spend with another parents, relative or third party who is involved in their life.  We also advise in respect of matters of relocation, disputes about different issues facing those caring for a child, such as educational matters, questions of medical issues and steps necessary to protect a child from a parent or third party who may pose a risk to them.  You will find that we take time to explain your position clearly and then fight hard to promote your rights.

Above all, we are committed to making sure that the correct decisions are taken to protect your child’s wellbeing, ensure their best interests are being met and that your voice is heard in determining what is in the best interests for the child.

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Work we undertake in respect of Children

We support families all over England and Wales with a wide range of issues related to children matters.

Child Arrangements Orders

Working out where your children will live and what contact they will have with a non-resident parent are often the most difficult issues to deal with during divorce and separation.

Our family law solicitor can help you resolve these issues amicably wherever possible using methods such as mediation and collaborative law, or represent you in court proceedings where a voluntary agreement cannot be reached.

Prohibited Steps Orders

A Prohibited Steps Order (PSO) is a court order that can be used to prevent a person with parental responsibility carrying out specific actions with respect to their children. They are commonly used where a parent is concerned that their child may be removed from their care without their consent, potentially into a situation where the child is placed at risk, relocated either within the UK or outside of it, or moved to another school or educational facility without their  consent.

A Prohibited Steps Order is an order that states that a person with parental responsibility for a child must not exercise that parental responsibility in a particular specified manner, e.g. must not remove the child from England and Wales. 

We can help you apply for a Prohibited Steps Order and work with you and your ex-partner to resolve any concerns over your children’s upbringing.

Specific Issue Orders

A Specific Issue Order (SIO) is a court order that can be used to require a person with parental responsibility to carry out a specific action with respect of their children.  They are commonly used where a parent is concerned that the other parent may not act in a manner that is in the child’s best interests.

A Specific Issue Order requires a person with parental responsibility for a child to exercise that responsibility in the specified manner.  For example, the order may require a parent to return a child to another parent’s care, or may require a parent to secure a particular medical treatment for a child.

We can help you apply for a Specific Issue Order and work with you and your ex-partner to resolve any concerns over your children’s upbringing. 

Social services investigations & court proceedings

If you are contacted by social services with regard to your children, it can be confusing and highly upsetting. Having the right legal advice and support from the outset is therefore essential to ensure your side of the story and interests are effectively represented, minimising the chances of your children being taken into care.

Our family law solicitor is experienced in dealing with social services investigations and proceedings. We can advise you on the steps you need to take to help bring matters to an early conclusion wherever possible, minimising the stress and disruption for your family.

If court proceedings are initiated, we have the expertise you need to effectively present your case and achieve the best possible outcome.

Why choose Scott Rowe?

Our family law solicitor offers an empathetic, highly effective legal service for families facing childcare issues. We can help to make these often distressing situations as simple and stress-free as possible to resolve while ensuring your family’s best interests are protected at all times.

We have expertise in non-confrontational family dispute resolution, meaning that wherever possible we will help you find a solution without the need for court action. This can help to make things much faster and less stressful to resolve while allowing you to keep more control over the process.

However, where court proceedings are unavoidable, we have the experience you need to ensure a fair outcome for you and your children, no matter how complicated the situation.

Our family law solicitor is a member of Resolution and, as such, is committed to resolving matters in a non-confrontational manner wherever possible, and an accredited specialist in children and domestic abuse cases.

Scott Rowe Solicitors are Lexcel accredited by the Law Society for our practice management and client care. We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) providing assurance that we continually meet the highest legal and professional standards.

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