Separation Agreements

At Scott Rowe Solicitors we realise that when a married couple separate they are not always ready to begin divorce proceedings. Some may want to wait until they can proceed with a divorce based upon a period of separation and some people may simply not be ready to deal with the formal ending of their relationship.

This does not, unfortunately, prevent people from needing to give careful consideration to what should be done in respect of matrimonial finances at the time they separate. A Separation Agreement can formalise the position in respect of matrimonial finances in advance of proceeding with a divorce.

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Our separation agreement service

We work with couples all over England and Wales, helping to put sensible legal agreements in place to give them complete peace of mind. Our family law solicitor can help you create a fair, legally robust agreement that meets all of the requirements necessary for it to be taken into account by a judge if required during divorce proceedings.

Enforcing separation agreements

Where an agreement has been reached and a later dispute arises then a party to the agreement can commence divorce proceedings and then instigate proceedings in respect of matrimonial finances. Within those proceedings the Court can be asked to consider the separation agreement. In theory, a judge handling your divorce can disregard a separation agreement, but in practice they will usually give them considerable weight when making their decision as long as they were created in a legally compliant way.

We can support you during separation, helping to ensure the provisions set out in your  agreement are honoured. In most cases, this can be achieved amicably through non-confrontational dispute resolution, but we can also help you with taking court action if required.

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