Grandparents Rights

At Scott Rowe Solicitors we recognise the important role a grandparent can play in a child’s life. 

We recognise that a grandparent’s role can vary from family-to-family.  We understand that in some families the grandparent fulfils the traditional role of a grandparent and, in doing so, provides the child with love, support and the benefits arising from a relationship with wider family members.  In some families, however, the grandparent plays a role more similar to that of a parent, caring for a child when a parent is, for whatever reason, perhaps unable to do so.

Contact with grandchildren

Sadly, where the relationship of a child’s parents breaks down or those parents are in disagreement as to the arrangements for the child, the grandparent can find themselves in a situation where they are not spending time with their grandchildren.

At Scott Rowe Solicitors, our experienced family law solicitor can assist grandparents in discussions with parents about the time they should spend with their grandchildren and assist in referrals to mediation if this may assist.

We can also exist in those circumstances where no agreement can be reached in respect of a grandparent’s time with their grandchildren by considering and making an application to the court.  The family court can and will recognise the importance of a child’s relationship with their grandparents.  Our experienced family law solicitor can assist in making an application to the court to try and secure arrangements, set up to be legal and binding, to enable a grandparent to spend time with their grandchild.

Caring for Grandchildren

If a situation arises where a grandparent is caring for a grandchild because a parent is, perhaps, unable to do so for some reason, or a grandparent is considering caring for a child, our experienced family law solicitor is able to advise as to the options available.  We will consider whether there is a need for a court order and, if so, what order is the most appropriate one.

We will assist a grandparent in communicating with a child’s parents on matters where agreement can be reached and advise and support them on how to deal with issues where agreement cannot be reached.  Where necessary there are a range of court orders that could be considered, including a Child Arrangement Order and a Special Guardianship Order.  We can also support grandparents where Social Services are involved with the family and a grandparent needs advice as to the role that they have and, perhaps, any other roles they feel they should be fulfilling in the child’s life.

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